"Strings 4ever" is a string quartet created in 2010. Composed of four young musicians of different origins from virtuoso classical formation, from different Belgian conservatories and European higher music schools, Strings 4ever offers a wide range of music for string quartet. From classical to modern repertoire, to film music, but also avant-garde music, this quartet is rich in the flexibility of interpretation and design of string music.


Playing on acoustic or electric instruments, adapting to all kind of stages and styles, these four ladies want to live music for music, without carcans, without borders, and play with complete freedom of expression. Strings 4ever wants to be at the forefront of technology, thanks to its musical choice, but also by its interpretation, its look and its instruments. 


Since their beginings, they've travelled a lot and played lots of different concerts. Currently, the group works on various concerts, shows and a recording session. A discovery, a charm, a musical adventure to live with four musicians with the temperament of fire and lyricism.

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