Who are they ? 


Elena was born in Brussels, from a family of professional musicians. Already at a very young age she showed her undisputable musical and artistic qualities.

She was only five years old when R. Pieta, concert leader at the Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège, accepted her as pupil. She also studied for several years with her parents, both artists with the OPRL and with the Royal Opera of Wallonia.

As a child she successfully attended the Ch.de Bériot contest in Brussels and the young talent contest in Maastricht.

In 1999 the chamber music orchestra for young people “La Vraie Note” was founded and she became first violinist. In 2002 she graduated at the L. de Waha English Immersion Lyceum with the first prize of the school.

With the orchestra LVN she toured in Holland, France, Italy, Spain and also Sweden.

In April 2001 she toured in Great Britain with the Italian orchestra “Orchestra della Campania”.

In 2002 she joined the violin class of P. Koch at the Royal Music Conservatory of Liège where she graduated and succeeded the examination for the recruitment of teachers with first class honours: “Grande Distinction” for 3rd Licence, and “Grande Distinction” for the “Agrégation”.

In March 2005 she participated as concert leader in the International Festival of Young Musicians in Murcia, Spain and she won the First Prize in the violin contest and was invited to play as a soloist accompanied by the yougth orchestra the next year. From 2006 to 2010, she was 1st violin of the quartet 'The Exclusive Strings', with which she travelled all around the world (Berlin, Rome, Paris, Cairo, Amman, Dubai, Doha,...).Since 2009, she teaches violin in different music schools from Liege and Brussels. Frequently called to join the orchestra of ORW, she devotes all the rest of her time in chamber music (duo and quartet). In September 2016, she opened a private music school in Belgium (www.lavraienote.com) with which they organized the first summer edition of Masterclasses in Xi'an (China).


Sabrina starts playing the violin at age 7 with Professor Daniel Glineur at the Music Academy of Ath (Belgium). Very soon, she discovers chamber music and particularly string quartet. With other students and under her professor’s direction, she plays in the very young string quartet Musica4 at various concerts and events until the age of 15. At the same time, she also develops a great interest for orchestra.

She participates to many courses and masterclasses with professors Nadine Wains, Jerold Rubenstein, Eyal Shiloach, Philippe Descamps. She studies for 6 years with ProfessorDaniel Rubenstein and sits in the chamber orchestra of “la Petite Chapelle d’Argenteuil” conducted by Ulysse Waterloo.

In 2006, she meets Philippe Koch and joins his violin class at the Royal Conservatory of Liège as a young talent. At the same time, she dedicates herself to chamber music, in the class of François Deppe. In 2015, she obtains a Master degree in violin magna cum laude at the Royal Conservatory of Liège.

Devoted to chamber music, she plays with String4ever (2ndviolin), is the first violin of Urban quartet and plays in a duo with pianist Julie Noiret. She plays in numerous concert halls and festivals, such as Flagey or Ars Musica. Still eager to learn, she regularly takes classes with internationally renowned Zemlinsky Quartet.

She plays with Ensemble orchestral Mosan and FrascatiSymphonics, with whom she recently went to China for a 3 weeks tour.

Sabrina has won the first prize at the José White International Violin Competition in Havana (Cuba)  in 2003 and is prize-winner from the Dexia Classics Competition (Belgium) in violin (second prize, 2004) and in chamber music (first prize, 2007).

First and always artist at heart, Sabrina is also an engineer, working on the design of large telescopes for research Observatories.


Born in 1989, Madeleine begins learning violin at the age of 4. She does so at the music school, but also by taking music theory and chamber music courses at the conservatorium of Verviers. In 2005 she picks up preparatory courses at the IMEP in Namur, while studying at the same time at SFX1, Verviers. In 2007 she takes things further and enters IMEP as full time violin student, in a class led by Marc Danel. She earns two honours, in 2012 as violinist and in 2015 as violin teacher. She is now teaching violin in several schools and nonprofit organisations. She is involved in numerous ensembles such as Duo d’âmes, Octu Hors d’Elles, Strings4ever, Urban Quartet…
She is also playing regularly in various orchestras, with which she toured extensively in Belgium, as a violinist but also as violist. Thirsty for knowledge, she is taking part in many master classes in chamber music


Nancy was born in Belgium in 1986 and she plays cello since her 8 years old.

Music is her passion since her childhood, she always dreamed to become a professional musician! 

To achive this dream, she recived a classic formation and graduated in:  Music Academy of  Chênée (Liège), IMEP in Namur and Artez Conservatorium in Zwolle.

As a professional and classic musician, she played in many classic orchestras (Opéra Royal de Wallonie, La Monnaie, Ensemble Orchestral Mosan, ...) and in chamber music (Strings 4ever quartet, Recto Verso duo, ...).

As a pop and electric cellist she also played with many groups and projects: television/web (Télévie, Cap 48, Night of the Proms, NRJ Music Tour, Des Rêves et des Etoiles, ...), The Exclusive Strings and Strings 4ever (electric string quartets), Recto Verso, Piano Lounge, ...

She also recorded some cello part for CD's in studio for other artists.

Her goal is to transmit and to share her love and passion for music, that's why she never wanted to draw the line between classic and other styles of music. She feels free in all types of styles and belives in the power of this art. Therefore, she's also giving music lessons and cello classes in many schools. 

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